Cherilyn Holloway

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Cherilyn Holloway, a walking testament of how important recovery and transformation is to one’s purpose and belief; truly has a story to share.  A story of her past, full of sinful ugliness, all which was self–inflicted; however, through her trust in God and deliverance began to understand how her life’s purpose is to help other women. The significance of her testimony stems from the acknowledgment of her journey of inner healing through recovery, transformation, and restoration.  


“As a Christian I continued to sink further and further into despair. I knew Jesus intended me to have a better life, but didn't know how I, an adulterer and murderer would get there.  Until I fell to my knees and begged Him to change me. Through confession and Christian counseling, I began to heal. But the real healing came when I started working for a pregnancy center.”


There are many women who are faced with the decision of abortion because of unforeseen circumstances and unplanned pregnancies.  Cherilyn was one of those women. As a college bound basketball player in a small town, a daughter to an affluent black family whose father gave no other choice but to abort.  Her second abortion was during a failing marriage with two children and while searching for love and attention became pregnant by a man that did not have an interest in having a baby.  After experiencing two abortions in her past, Cherilyn empowers other women with her testimony of forgiveness and inner-healing to help them walk confidently through their transformation process.  


“You don’t have to miss out on fulfilling your purpose, transformation starts today!”

Now Cherilyn is a wife to a wonderful husband and a mother to a little girl and two teenage sons, as well as, a bonus mom to three daughters, two sons, and two granddaughters.  She's living a blessed life as an author and Story Coach.

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