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Serena Dyksen

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She Found His Grace was founded after Serena's own story of sexual assault and abortion. At 13 Serena did not know what abortion was and her family had no idea how much it would effect their family so negatively. Serena likes to say, her story is often met with misplaced compassion. 

At 16 her now husband and Serena would face an unplanned pregnancy and once again find Planned Parenthood offering them abortion. That day they chose life. 

Serena's past abortion would cause her family lots of pain and they never realized how much Serena was wounded until she went through healing from abortion. At the time they did not realize God was preparing them for a calling and for my story to go public.

The abortionist Serena was taken to was George Klopfer, the abortionist who hoarded 2411 babies in his garage. 

This would launch a local, national, and global ministry that has allowed them to help women around the world begin their healing journey to help others choose life. 

What the enemy meant for harm God is turning to good. 


My heart was captured by Serena Dyksen’s story from the very beginning. The challenges she faced were too much for one person to navigate. Pick up a copy today and let the revealing, compelling and captivating story of Serena’s surrender in “She Found His Grace,” restart your heart in those secret places you have locked away.

Joni Lamb

Co-Founder & President

Daystar Television Network

America needs to hear Serena's story. It is the journey of a brave young woman to take back her power from those who have abused and lie to her. Then, after a gruesome discovery, she dared to tell the truth and took on the most powerful lobby in our nation. She is a fighter, a role model and an inspiration in a world desperate for authentic hereo's. 

Rachel Campos-Duffy

Fox News contributor, host of moms on Fox Nation

Serena drew me into her riveting story of her life and God's unfailing love for a little girl growing up in poverty. This book will bring hope and healing to those who have experienced abuse and abortion and all of us who desperately need grace and forgiveness found only at the foot of the cross. May the Lord continue to use Serena and her story draw many to himself, for it is only there that we are truly set free. 

Cathie Humbarger

Executive Director, Right to Life Northeast Indiana 

Many describe abortions as a "woman's rights" issue, involving primarily bodies, rights and choices of women. However, the voices of post abortion women, especially those who experienced deep hurt, pain and trauma as result of the abortion experience are strangely absent. Serena Dyksen is filling that void, eloquently articulating how she navigated her journey as a post-abortive woman, a journey from a place of destruction and despair towards a future of hope and healing. Serena's story is a beautiful reminder that even in the midst of great adversity and profound personal loss, it is possible to make beauty out of ashes, to find deep space despite past chaos, and to exchange all consuming sorrow for everlasting joy. 

Lia Mills

Prolife Activist, Author of Inconvenient Life


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