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Jenae Alexander

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"Through my journey of overcoming a broken childhood and abuse, choosing life amid an unplanned pregnancy, and finding strength in the face of the tragic loss of my 32 year old husband and 7-year-old son in 2004, I have become a passionate advocate for life, sharing my hope story of resilience, redemption, and unwavering faith in God's grace."

I am her. I am the girl at the PRC Center from a broken home, shame-filled, rejected, and alone.

I am a passionate advocate for life, a living testament to God's unwavering grace in the face of adversity. Raised in a home marked by dysfunction and abuse, my childhood was toxic and broken. At 16, my world shifted dramatically with my parents' divorce, leaving me living on my own, with a 10th-grade education and shattered dreams.

At the age of 21, despite the fear and uncertainty of an unplanned pregnancy, my fiance’ and I decided to keep our baby when faced with the option of abortion. It was the ultrasound picture taken at the abortion clinic confirming a 15-week pregnancy that prompted our abortion salvation story. Decades later, my beautiful daughter, Brittney, became an ultrasound tech and now serves as a beacon of hope in her community and a living reminder of God's faithfulness.

Tragedy struck in 2004 when I lost my 32-year-old husband, Kevin, and our 7-year-old son, Bryant, in a devastating boating accident. My unwavering faith sustained me through it all.

Today, I am a voice of hope, sharing my hope story of redemption and resilience as a Nurse, Crisis Pregnancy Coach, and Patient Advocate for unwed mothers at our local Pregnancy Resource Center. My journey from brokenness to healing is a powerful testament to the sanctity of life and the transformative power of God's mercy and love.


"Jenae was the speaker we needed for our pregnancy center fundraising banquet. Jenae's heart for her Lord and her desire to do His will is inspiring. This quality made Jenea the natural choice as our keynote speaker. She communicates gracefully, beautifully, humbly with open and honest vulnerability about how God has carried her through many trials and triumphs, mountain top and valley moments. She is a blessing to all who come in contact with her. A must have presence at an event."

Karmen Stamps

Executive Director 

Pregnancy Resource Center

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