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Mark & Amber Archer



In 2018, husband and wife filmmakers Mark and Amber Archer began production of a feature length investigative documentary film, “Inwood Drive”, to tell the true story of how grassroots efforts took down one of the nation’s most prolific abortionists, Ulrich “George” Klopfer. That investigation led them to interview the abortionist himself for the film, where he revealed his true mindset and motivations for his decades of murderous practice.


In September of 2019, having just finished what they thought was the final version of “Inwood Drive”, Ulrich Klopfer died, and his family soon discovered his horrifying collection of 2,411 preserved fetal remains in his garage and car trunk. Mark and Amber re-opened the film’s production to include the babies’ discovery in the film, exposing the atrocities of the abortion industry even more.


“Inwood Drive” has been lauded by Glenn Beck, LiveAction, Students for Life, The Christian Post and others for its boldness, clear presentation of the Gospel and unapologetic truthfulness in revealing the true battles that take place in the fight to preserve the lives of the innocent unborn and protection of their mothers.

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