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Rachel Citak

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Rachel Citak is an attorney and experienced black pro-life advocate. She has authored multiple pro-life Op-Eds published and featured in the Daily Wire, Western Journal, and USA Today network publications— the Columbus Dispatch and the Cincinnati Enquirer. She serves on the Editorial Board for the Cincinnati Enquirer as well as serving as a board member for Cincinnati Right to Life.


Before opening her own practice, Rachel worked as in-house counsel, legislative liaison, and a registered lobbyist for conservative organizations at the state Capitol. She now owns and operates her own law firm RACHEL R. CITAK, ATTORNEY AT LAW LLC. She uses this experience in litigation and public relations to publicly advocate for the pro-life position and advise pro-life organizations on persuasive communication, pro-life apologetics, and race relations. 


In addition to her written publications, radio interviews, and televised news appearances, she also hosts her own podcast titled after her law firm’s slogan, “Attorney at Law, Advocate at Heart,” where she invites guests on from various professional backgrounds in order to discuss social and cultural issues. 


Her ability to speak and write on difficult topics has received positive engagement across the aisle. Previous speaking experience includes presenting on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health in the university setting, as well as being selected as a speaker for the “National Day of Mourning” tour—one of the largest gatherings of black pro-life advocates to date.


She has an ability to explain the legalese of constitutional law and communication that is clear, understandable, and informative, while her story of the pro-values woven throughout her family history, black history, and the civil rights era is compelling and inspirational.

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