Christina Joy Hommes

Christina Joy Hommes is a joyful servant of Jesus Christ. She loves to help create the tools Christians and ministries need to accomplish the calling God had given them.

Whether she is writing a resource for a pregnancy center, opening a trafficking awareness event, or praying with someone who is hurting, her desire is to be the love of Jesus Christ with skin on.

Christina has experience as a teacher, group leader, speaker, and published author and earned a Master’s degree in Bible. Her goal is to encourage others to love God more and to help bring the Bible to life so they can understand, apply, and share it with confidence.

Do you want to hand your client a beautiful gift which will gently and clearly share the gospel with them? Do you wish you had a Bible study written specifically to help your client understand the gospel and the Christian life – something simple, biblical, easy to use?

You can find some of Christina’s resources on her website, If you don’t find what you need, Christina frequently develops new resources and would love to hear from you.


My Secret is a gospel booklet that uses full-page nature photography and conversational text to communicate the hope and beauty of the gospel.

Pregnancy centers love using My Secret because the pictures draw people in. Almost by instinct they begin to flip through it, often reading parts of the text right away.

The text on each page is short making it accessible for those who aren’t strong readers. The gentle yet clear gospel uses simple words that don’t require a church background.

You can flip through My Secret here (

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Christina is developing a series of Bible studies written specifically for pregnancy centers. These studies are simple, biblical, and easy to use.

The first will walk through the gospel and the first steps of the Christian life.

If you need a Bible study on a particular topic, Christina would love to discuss it with you.


Is there a tool you need but can’t find? A resource that you don’t have time to create? Christina works with ministries to create these tools in a way that best meets their needs.

PO Box 1182 Franklin, TN 37065  (615)775-7957