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Robin Sertell


Meet Robin Sertell, a highly respected and sought-after motivational speaker, author, and pro-life advocate. Robin's life is a true testament to the power of forgiveness, and her message is
one of hope and inspiration for people of all ages and backgrounds.
Before Robin was born, she was miraculously saved from three saline infusion abortion
attempts, which led her to write a book titled Miracles Happen in the Wilderness. She
currently serves as the Director of her local chapter of a growing network of pro-life
organizations in Montana. Formerly the Education Coordinator for The Abortion Survivors
Network, Robin has developed curriculum to equip a number of abortion survivors from around
the world share their own stories. Robin's passion for saving babies extends beyond the local
community, as she frequently testifies for pro-life legislation.
Robin's exceptional work and unwavering commitment have led her to be featured in two
upcoming documentaries, Unthinkable with Abby Johnson, and Fathers both from Mighty
Motion Pictures. Aside from her work in the pro-life movement, she loves spending her free
time taking pictures of God’s creation while hiking, kayaking, and RVing. She is an amazing
speaker with a compelling story that moves people to tears, and her passion for spreading the
message of forgiveness is truly inspiring.


"Robin's story is truly amazing and really sheds light on the truth about abortion" -

Ryder University student

"Wow, what an incredibly powerful pro-life testimony from Robin Sertell. She touched on so many important points, but the one which most sticks with me is how vital it is that we "humanize" the baby by using proper terminology. "Babies survive abortion." Yes, and many more babies die from abortion. Not clumps of cells. Babies. I will be sharing this video, hoping and praying it will change at least one heart." - miakaye46, YouTube


"Robin held everyone's attention. Her presentation and life story was riveting. Feedback from attendees was all positive, and most said they could have listened to her for hours!"

March for Life sponsor/coordinator Lauralee O'Neil, Kalispell MT

"Your story touched me deeply" - event attendee, Austin TX

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