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Senator Hank Erwin

Senator Hank Erwin


FMR Alabama State Senator Henry E. “Hank” Erwin is known as the “storyteller of motivation!”
His talent for telling stories that entertain and result in commitment and action are legendary.
He learned the art of storytelling from his late father Medal of Honor Recipient Henry “Red”
Erwin who held small crowds spellbound with stories of bravery in World War II. The stories
were so detailed and compelling that Hank embraced the art form into his own life.
Hank became a committed Christian in college and married his sweetheart Shelia Daniel the
day before his graduation. They have been together now fifty two years, with two married sons,
and seven grandchildren.
But it was telling stories that guided his life. Hank attended Dallas Seminary in Texas to
become a preacher. But during those days, God opened a door into radio and TV to become
an on air personality. So he plunged into media for nearly thirty years as a journalist and talk
show host.
Hank became an media advocate for pro-life and family values, patriotism, and conservative
issues. It won him awards and notice in Alabama among voters looking for fresh faces in a
world of politics.
In 2002 Hank was elected to the Alabama State Senate and served two terms as a firebrand for
conservative families across the state. He fought gambling to a standstill, and helped usher in a
whole new Republican government for the people of Alabama.
However, it was his bedtime stories that really changed history. As a loving father, he told his
two sons bedtime stories when they were very young. He used Woodlawn football stories that
were so colorful that it ignited their imaginations to become movie makers.
Now forty years later the world knows the famous Erwin Brothers-Andy and Jon. They have
gone on to produce and direct ten awarding winning Faith based motion pictures that have
garnered ten Dove Awards for outstanding achievements in Christian film.
Among their films are such notables as OCTOBER BABY, WOODLAWN, I CAN ONLY IMAGINE,
Now Hank travels the country telling stories in banquets and churches that capture real life and
result in commitments to reform and action. Whether it’s money or policy, people respond to
his down home presentations with laughter and joy. He leaves people entertained and wanting
more stories. It is his gift from God!
Hank and his wife Shelia currently live in Franklin, Tennessee.


"As a television personality, sports broadcaster and two term Alabama State Senator, Hank Erwin knows how to talk to an audience. Hank's public speaking experience shine through with an authentic, good humored and naturally relaxed personality that is immediately likeable. Hank is an old-school pro in the best sense of the word. He's well read, well traveled and well prepared. Best of all, he know who to tell a story with humor and punch and Hanks knows how to weave a speech together with engaging moments to keep things moving or drive a point home. Hank is a top keynote presenter and one of my favorite speakers"

Hemp Meadows

Nashville Music Producer

"I would like to recommend Hank Erwin to speak at any event that you may offer in your church, community, business, fundraising and patriotic events. I offer just a few works to describe his personality and his speaking ability; enthusiastic, hopeful, uplifting, insightful, thoughtful, inspiring, convicting, scriptural, personal, truthful, prophetic, prayerful and loving. Hank invigorates his listeners to join him in becoming the person that God wants them to be. This man is always on, if he's in front of 100s of people or just one person.

Paul Brasher, Pastor

Central Baptist Church

Trussville, AL

Travels From Tennessee

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