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Serena Dyksen



What about the 13 year old who is raped? Should she have an abortion? Serena's story addresses the story of the 13 year old and abortion. She was raped at 13 years old by an uncle and taken to abortionist George Klofger, the abortionist who hoarded 2411 babies in his garage. The abortion changed her live forever. At 16, Planned Parenthood wanted her to abort again. She chose life in the parking lot. Serena's story is filled with heartbreak but victory when she encountered God's grace in her darkest days. What the enemy meant for harm, God is using for good. She is the author and founder of She Found His Grace Abortion Recovery. Her and her husband share their story of struggles after abortion and God's grace and redemption. They both lead classes to help women and men heal from past abortions around the globe. 


"Painfully honest, remarkably inspirational!
Serena's story reminds us that it's possible to make beauty out of ashes."
Lia Mills
Author of An Inconvenient Life

"Both a heart-wrenching and heart-warming account of a young girl and woman overcoming abortion, abuse, and near abandonment."
Rev. Don Wilkerson
Co-founder of Teen Challenge

"Serena is giving a voice
to millions of women who have experienced the same but struggle to find a way to voice it."
Christy Stutzman
State Representative IN District 49

Serena has also been endorsed by these people
Eric Scheidler, Prolife Action League
Rachael Duffy, Fox Nation News
Cathie Hunsberger, Allen Co. Right to Life


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