Stephanie Cozzolino




“Stephanie Cozzolino’s sweet personality allows her to connect with an audience as she shares her story of family pain, personal choices, and spiritual redemption. It is a gift to hear her testimony of heartbreak and hope. Her witness had a profound impact on our donors.”

Laura Alexandria, President, Grand Rapids Right to Life


“Stephanie's vulnerability and authenticity in sharing her powerful story is contagious! Her relatable and engaging communication style makes it easy for your audience to connect with the mission you hope to accomplish through your event. She has a way of compelling every listener to compassion and action." 

Amy Ford

President of Embrace Grace

Author of Help Her Be Brave: Discover Your Place in the Pro-Life Movement


"Stephanie tells her story in such an honest, sweet and captivating way. Her words drip with God's grace, tenderness and comfort. She is a spokesperson for God's heart, and we need His words now like never before." 

Kacie Starr Long, Pastor, and Founder of the Inspired Overflow Radio Show


“Stephanie’s raw honesty is inspiring. She brings life and hope every time she speaks. Her testimony is living proof of the power of God to heal and transform lives. Stephanie desires for all women to live in the freedom that is available to them in Christ. God is using her in mighty ways to bring change and transformation to a broken and hurting world. Her passion is contagious as is her desire for everyone to experience true life in Christ!”

Jennelle Bergsma, Women’s Curriculum Director, City Church Rockford, MI

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Stephanie is passionate in her love for Christ, truth and life. Her mission is to ensure that every person that crosses her path knows the love and redemption possible through a relationship with Jesus Christ. 


Stephanie’s transparent and raw delivery of her personal pain and triumphs will keep you at the edge of your seat. Though her past is  marred by sexual abuse, rejection and a broken home, it sends a powerful message of healing and purpose. To all those who hear, they will be inspired by Stephanie’s dedication to saving lives, two heartbeats at a time. 


Stephanie’s testimony and freedom has given her the courage and compassion to connect to the hearts of abortion minded and post abortive women. Stephanie’s strong desire to help, encourage and walk with these women has saved lives through the grace of God. Stephanie has vowed to invade the darkness of abortion at all costs in order that no woman or man would feel the pain or loss of having given up the life of their unborn child. 


Stephanie’s compassion has opened many doors to minister and lead post abortive women like herself to healing, so that they too can be a voice for life. Stephanie believes that her unborn child’s life taken so early will not be in vain but instead much of the reason that she pushes to reach as many people as possible with the ugly truth of abortion. Stephanie desires to equip and enlighten those who have a heart to see abortion abolished by first loving the person. 


Stephanie lives in Michigan with her wonderful husband Anthony and their four children. They are a pro-life family that talks often and openly about the importance and purpose of every human life, both born and unborn. 


An excerpt from Stephanie’s book 

“My Father & I”-

The doctor came in and he explained what would be happening and turned on a machine that sounded like a vacuum. It was loud, and as I laid there, tears were streaming down my face like a river. I sat there crying and crying, I was damaged. The nurses were trying to comfort me, handing me tissues and offering pats on the back after I had just killed my baby. The life that was growing inside of me was precious and I gave into fear and allowed my babies life to be ripped from me. I went home and back to bed broken on the inside. I would wake up appearing normal to the naked eye, at least for now.

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