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Terry Beatley

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Terry's Book


It started as a promise. The promise has now grown into a nationwide mission.


Journey with Terry Beatley on this nine year odyssey of fulfilling her promise to carry forward the pro-life mantle of Dr. Bernard N. Nathanson. He was the doctor once known as America’s “Abortion King” who founded NARAL Pro-Choice America and trained Planned Parenthood doctors.


In a rare interview in 2009, Terry met with the “Keeper of the Abortion Industry Keys,” when he was 83-years-old and terminally ill. Dr. Nathanson instructed her to teach the 8-point-strategy, including NARAL’s stealthy “Catholic Strategy,” of how he deceived America with the lie that abortion is women’s healthcare. In addition, she promised to deliver his personal parting message across America to “stop the killing because abortion is not love.”


In this riveting presentation which can be tailored to prolife, Christian, and/or political audiences, Terry keeps listeners engaged as she describes faith in action for the common good. Her mission began with the unveiling to Black Americans in her community how their unborn babies have been targeted by the abortion industry. Applying the lessons of their powerful response, she developed a strategy that secured the defeat of Virginia’s most pro-abortion, anti-parental rights state senator. This unprecedented electoral upset became the setting for Terry’s recently published book, What If We’ve Been Wrong? Keeping my promise to America’s “Abortion King, which details the remarkable experiences she has had in fulfilling this promise and recounts the terrible deceitful founding heralded by Dr. Nathanson of the legalization of killing the unborn in America.  Her strategy was to unite enough Americans of different ethnicities and political leanings, to vote to protect parental rights and the sanctity of life in the womb. This victory is a sign of the potential fruit of her promise to Dr. Nathanson.


Detailing the Catholic Strategy to how NARAL manipulated the Supreme Court, legislators, medical and clergy community, and the public, Terry’s presentation keeps listeners on the edge of their seat as she uncovers this rarely discussed part of American history—the truth that Dr. Nathanson left behind. Securing the movie rights for Dr. Nathanson’s literary works, Terry is currently working toward two feature films and speaks across the nation.  


She is President of Hosea Initiative, ( a non-profit educational organization dedicated to using the story and legacy of Dr. Bernard N. Nathanson to teach the principles of American liberty, beginning with the right to life so that America is free from abortion.


As a former investment advisor who turned homeschool mom for seven years, her “yes” to God motivates prolife, Christian and political audiences to respond to the needs of the hosting organization: to mobilize more volunteers, to stand strong, to donate, to believe through faith and action that life will unite our fractured country.

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